Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank You

So, now you know the extent of my mean-ness. Financially anyway. I wish it wasn't that way, but it is.

As I was writing that last post it struck me how very lucky I am to have the friends I do. I know that, but it really drove home today.

The last 5 years have been Hellacious, caught up in a legal battle that ended with a whimper, not the catastrophic bang we were bracing for. Which is great, in many ways, don't get me wrong.

What I realised during my last post is that I am incredibly fortunate to have the wonderful, supportive friends that I do. I can count on 1 hand the number of people who knew the full story, and, not a one of them ever expressed any doubt that we were in the right, or was anything less than incredibly supportive. Given the nature of the case, neither of us would have blamed them for walking away. And yet, they didn't. Every one of them stuck.

Miss Pink earns special mention because of her profession. What she does brings her into contact with both sides of this story, or rather similar ones, and I was utterly terrified that this would bias her against us. I am an idiot. In my defence, I was under incredible stress. I still feel guilty for misjudging her so badly.

So, to all my wonderful friends, 99% of whom will never read this, and especially to the Adorables, a huge THANK YOU for your support, and belief. You kept me together, through Hell, and even now, as I make my way back, you keep me on track.

I am Stingy

No more teasing, I will share the plan to visit Miss Pink.

We live around 4 hours away from each other; I don't drive, and I am not taking T shopping, he'd have a heart attack at the sheer volume of "ooooh, pretty!". PCC lives in the shopping Mecca of our state, and I want to go visit her, and chill in my spiritual home, with someone who understands me.

Of course, the minute things slowed down enough at work for me to actually get away for more than 24 hours, my hours got sliced by 2/3. Not helpful. Our budget is tight enough, without that. The trip down and back would cost me 2 MAC e/s. Which sounds stingy, but when you have to assess your budget to try to fit in 2 takeaway coffees per week, and a third requires serious financial debate, it's a big deal.

So, this week, Mr20 came to my rescue. Students get severely reduced fares. Less than a cup of coffee for him and Miss18 there and back. I am student, I am studying IT and Tourism at my local TAFE (Itis boooooooring). So I should be able to get that same fare. Whch means I can go visit with a clear conscience - and I can shop a little bit! Wooooo!!

I know that I probably sound like a stingy bitch, and a lousy friend. And in some ways, I am. I want to enjoy my break, and if I have $20 to spend all weekend, it's not going to happen. I want to enjoy my time out, not spend it stressing over moolah.

So yeah, in the next 2 weeks I will investigate this, and if all goes to plan, by the end of the month, I will be visiting Her Pinkness.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I think I have found a way that I can afford to visit Miss Pink, and actually buy my 'New Job Present' myself..................... *dancing around the room*

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bits & Bobs & bloody Dermatitis

Gah! I am going bluddy nuts - and oddly enough, it's not the constant 'swine flu pandemic' or 'Clare the chk chk boom chick' sending me there. It's my dermatitis. Although the other two are standing by watching, ready to charge into action whenever I waver.

I get dermatitis on my scalp, not often, but enough to hate it. Normally, it arrives, stays for a week or two, then packs it's bags and leaves. Not this time. It moved in about a month ago, and refuses to shift. Nothing is helping, not medication, not any of the shampoos or tretments I have tried, nothing. I know it's partly environmental factors, and largely stress that sets it off, but dammit, I am going crazy!!

In other news:

We go the car quote today - $1600 thankyouverymuchforcoming. Owch!!

Mr14 had his first counselling session, and actually opened up a wee bit - always a bonus. The counsellor thinks that she will be able to assist him work through his issues, so long as he remains open to talking to her.

The Mister is due to get his plaster off on Monday, fingers crossed that goes ahead, poor bugger is going bonkers.

Got my absolute bargain eBay dress today - a most gorgeous maxi. It's a tad bit dressier than I thought from the pic on eBay, but it was an absolute steal for the price, and I am very happy with it.

My "New Job Present' list is steadily growing. I plan to get a few MAC e/s, some Body Shop butters (Moringa and Monoi) and some Lush - I have to visit the website to decide on what I want there.

I cannot believe that Monday is the 1st of June - where has the year gone??

Working on weaning myself off my anti-depressants, been an interesting day with that today - late this afternoon when I walked into town I felt like I was listing rather heavily to the left. Not a great feeling.

And that pretty much sums up my day. Oh, and I bought my barista friend a Smiggle stapler, because she was thinking of getting one for her restaurant, and then had to get one myself. I got her blue, and was going to get pink for myself, but the PO didn't have any - just blue or green, so I got blue too. This is a wonderful stapler (yeah, I know, it's a stapler), and I am so pleased I got one.

I already have a Smiggle pencil case, which I am going to use for skincare/makeup when I am in the States.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Melbourne with The Mister

So, on Tuesday The Mister and I went to Melbourne to sort my Visa. And then we wandered around Melbourne. I bought 2 pairs of Dunlop Volleys, 1 for him, and 1 for Mr14, for $20 a pair.

The highlight of the day for me (apart from the Visa being granted) was the Smiggles shop at Spencer Street DFO - I was disowned because I actually clapped my hands and went "Oooooh...... Smiggles!" when I spotted it. But there was a shop absolutely chock-full of Smiggles! How could I not be excited!?!

Only reason I didn't buy anything was I couldn't decide what I wanted - far too much choice, I'd need a week in there.

Actually, Krispy Kreme at the airport on the way home was pretty damn cool too - I got to pick 4 donuts - and sample them all!

And there you have it, the biggest excitement in my day - Smiggles and Krispy Kreme. We visited the Beauty Halls of DJ's and Myer, and went to Kit at Myer, and I just couldn't get inspired. The only reason we went to any of them was The Mister thought I might like to, so I played along for his sake. It was nice to have a play, and see him smiling and laughing at me, but as for actually wanting to buy anything, nada.

I have lost the urge to shop. I am devastated. I rarely have the finances to shop the way I want, but the urge is always there. And now it's gone, I feel a bit lost.

The worst part is that if I had wanted something (or several somethings) at any of these places, I could have had it - he would have bought it for me. He did buy me my beloved Red, Green, Vanilla at T2, and also some Red Chai. We both enjoyed T2 immensely.

And now, if you will excuse me, I am going to do penance for my failure to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity by eating half of Mr20's chocolate cheesecake he just brought home.

I Slept In

Finally got out of bed at 11.30. So I've been up a whole 30 minutes - go me!

The idiot over the road is being quiet today, which is nice, I've had a big week, and I don't have the patience to deal with his nonsense.

Dying for a chocolate fix, why I have no idea, it's not like I am thinking "I want chocolate" it's more of a systemic thing, I am physically craving it, as opposed to emotionally. Kind of weird.

The Mister is off getting a quote on his car, he got sideswiped the other week, and is NOT a happy camper - the damage is mainly cosmetic thankfully, but still exxy. I might go find some chocolate before he comes home- maybe a giant Toblerone - I love that stuff.

I can't believe it's almost tax time again, this year has flown past. I hate doing my tax, so many numbers and so many little boxes to write them in. What I do like is the part where I get my return, and go shopping. Although I will be ultra restrained this year, as I plan to shop in the States.

I have 99% of the stuff I need to take with me, only a few odds and sods to pick up. I'm not panicking yet, that'll happen about mid-July, when I realise I only have 2 weeks to get finalised. Then I'll go bonkers, and drive everyone around me nuts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am harmless....

Well, America is going to let me in - applied for, and was granted, my visa. Took 3 hours, but the end result was worth it.

Super tired today, had to leave home at 4 in the morning to make the Consulate, and didn't get home til after 10 last night. Spent the day wandering Melbourne with The Mr, who is very, very tired and sore today. Worked today, fairly cruisy in terms of people, but I did a stocktake, always exhausting.

Doing my Keno course on Monday, work again Thursday, and HOPEFULLY more hours soon.

Too stonkered to type any more.....................

Monday, May 25, 2009

Places I Love - Online

So, today I thought I'd share a few of my favourite places on the 'net. And celebrate the fact that I will *finally* be able to leave my new earrings in overnight! I got them a week ago (the earrings), treated them and my ears with surgical spirit, and hoped that would be it. Within a couple of hours, I was in trouble - pounding pain in my lobes, and swelling so bad I had to get help to get the back off my right ear. I hate that!

I have had this problem ever since I got my ears done when I was 13, if I change earrings, even treating them and my ears with a disinfecting agent (surgical spirit is the best I have found so far), I get infection. If I wear no earrings, I get infection. And I always have lumps in my ears, around the holes. Not painful, just weird feeling. Mr14 is most concerned.

Of course, I could have just stuck with my sleepers (which still have the same issues), but these are sooooooo pretty.................

Anyhoo, to get onto more cheerful topics, my fave places on the 'net:

Adore - I buy almost all of my beauty supplies here - best CS in Australia,and the most gorgeous people ever!

Adore Beauty Forum - I am here a LOT - wonderfully informative, and a fantastically supportive Aussie beauty community. My online home.

GFY - the only fashion blog I read - because Fugly is the New Pretty!

Gigdiary - a crotchety, but endearing old curmudgeon I met on Mia Freedman's blog.

The Love of Pink - a fellow Adorable's blog - the girl loves her some pink!

Beautifully Glossy - my fellow Adorable and Viner A's beauty blog, where she reviews lots of pretties.

Temptalia - for all the happening beauty news

MamaMia - Mia Freedman's blog - a bit of current affairs, a bit of fashion, and a wee bit silly sometimes. Has a regular tribe of commentor's, is honest and well written.

MakeMeSmooth - Canadian company, owned by Nancy and Murray. Makes the best bath and body products ever, with a HUGE scent list.

eMakemeup - also owned by Nancy and Murray - aforum for beauty addicts the world over to share information. Most Viners are US based, but there are Europeans, Aussies, and Canadians as well. Most product info relates to the US, but it's a wonderful community, and seeing others thoughts on products before they hit our shores is often helpful.

Belle Lumiere - Adorable Belle's blog - she is o/s at the moment, lucky girl!

Beautyista and the Office Beast - Vee (yet another Adorable) shares her thoughts. This girl has the most gorgeous complexion ever.

Pinkcupcake - the most wonderful Miss Pink offers her thoughts on beauty and all thinks pink. One of the original Adorables, she is a fount of information, and has the biggest heart.

Gem's Beauty Obsession - the wonderful Gem shares her thoughts on all things beautiful. Another fabulous Adorable blog.

That's most of them - I avoid the gossip websites, and most of the fashion ones, as I am not interested in outright nastiness. A bit of cattiness is one thing (we all have our days) but just plain mean is not on. Oh, and of course, Polyvore..............

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gardening & Cleaning

I am so proud of myself - I spent 5 hours in the front garden, weeding and mulching - nutjob neighbour be damned! My brother dropped off a load of mulch yesterday, there was enough for half the garden. Woot!!

I am loving the Method brand of household cleansers from Woolies today, they were recommended by the girls on the Adore Beauty Forum - and they are fabulous. I normally have huge issues with bathroom cleansers in particular, all the doors and windows open, fan going, spray it, and then leave for an hour or two, before ordering someone else to go clean the shower. This one smells like ylang ylang, is natural, and does a better job than all those harsh chemical ones.

Mr14 is off for a few days, staying with a mate and his grandparents at their shack at the Lakes - I am not sure if I envy him or not - it'll be freezing up there, but there'll be no people.

Still tossing up whether or not to get one of the Rose Romance Beauty Powders, I made a deal with myself that I would not buy any more cosmetics if I wasn't going to actually use them. They are too pretty to use, but they are sure pretty enough to look at and sigh over every day.

Apparently there is a HUGE family reunion next year, all my mum's and my dad's extended families getting together - think I will be busy that weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Job

Ooh! I forgot to say, I was unemployed for about an hour yesterday, and then I got a new job!

So, I need to buy a 'New Job' present for myself. The challenge is, I am off o/s for a month soon, so plan lots of shopping then. I have no idea what to get myself - I have all the skincare I need, ditto shoes, bags and makeup (although, I plan on a bit of a spree when I am away - Sephora here I come), so what to buy?!

Maybe some M.A.C.? I have 3 shadows I simply must have - and the Rose Romance Beauty Powders are calling my name. Not to use, the Beauty Powders, just to look at. I mean, they really are too pretty to use.

The best thing about this is that I won't be breaking my No Buy! I made a deal with myself months ago that I would do a 3 month No Buy, replacement items only, until I used up all the stuff I had stashed, or partly used. And then I decided to carry it on after my hours at work got cut back hard.

Maybe I should just go and buy myself the biggest block of choclate I can find, and think on it..........

First Post Ever

So, I just made this blog, and I have no idea what I am going to do with it. So, I will start by sharing a bit about me.

  1. I live in Tasmania with my husband, our 3 sons, the girlfriend of the oldest, and their baby. A very full house, but one filled with love. We have frequent visits from Miss' 2 children.
  2. I am 38, 39 this year.
  3. I despise Hannah Montana. And Nemo.
  4. I am the oldest of 4, I have 2 brothers and a sister.
  5. I think we should all take at least 30 seconds each day to appreciate the fact that we are alive, and find something beautiful in the day.
  6. I love frogs.

I have no idea what else to say........................ watch this space!