Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Slept In

Finally got out of bed at 11.30. So I've been up a whole 30 minutes - go me!

The idiot over the road is being quiet today, which is nice, I've had a big week, and I don't have the patience to deal with his nonsense.

Dying for a chocolate fix, why I have no idea, it's not like I am thinking "I want chocolate" it's more of a systemic thing, I am physically craving it, as opposed to emotionally. Kind of weird.

The Mister is off getting a quote on his car, he got sideswiped the other week, and is NOT a happy camper - the damage is mainly cosmetic thankfully, but still exxy. I might go find some chocolate before he comes home- maybe a giant Toblerone - I love that stuff.

I can't believe it's almost tax time again, this year has flown past. I hate doing my tax, so many numbers and so many little boxes to write them in. What I do like is the part where I get my return, and go shopping. Although I will be ultra restrained this year, as I plan to shop in the States.

I have 99% of the stuff I need to take with me, only a few odds and sods to pick up. I'm not panicking yet, that'll happen about mid-July, when I realise I only have 2 weeks to get finalised. Then I'll go bonkers, and drive everyone around me nuts.

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