Friday, May 29, 2009

Bits & Bobs & bloody Dermatitis

Gah! I am going bluddy nuts - and oddly enough, it's not the constant 'swine flu pandemic' or 'Clare the chk chk boom chick' sending me there. It's my dermatitis. Although the other two are standing by watching, ready to charge into action whenever I waver.

I get dermatitis on my scalp, not often, but enough to hate it. Normally, it arrives, stays for a week or two, then packs it's bags and leaves. Not this time. It moved in about a month ago, and refuses to shift. Nothing is helping, not medication, not any of the shampoos or tretments I have tried, nothing. I know it's partly environmental factors, and largely stress that sets it off, but dammit, I am going crazy!!

In other news:

We go the car quote today - $1600 thankyouverymuchforcoming. Owch!!

Mr14 had his first counselling session, and actually opened up a wee bit - always a bonus. The counsellor thinks that she will be able to assist him work through his issues, so long as he remains open to talking to her.

The Mister is due to get his plaster off on Monday, fingers crossed that goes ahead, poor bugger is going bonkers.

Got my absolute bargain eBay dress today - a most gorgeous maxi. It's a tad bit dressier than I thought from the pic on eBay, but it was an absolute steal for the price, and I am very happy with it.

My "New Job Present' list is steadily growing. I plan to get a few MAC e/s, some Body Shop butters (Moringa and Monoi) and some Lush - I have to visit the website to decide on what I want there.

I cannot believe that Monday is the 1st of June - where has the year gone??

Working on weaning myself off my anti-depressants, been an interesting day with that today - late this afternoon when I walked into town I felt like I was listing rather heavily to the left. Not a great feeling.

And that pretty much sums up my day. Oh, and I bought my barista friend a Smiggle stapler, because she was thinking of getting one for her restaurant, and then had to get one myself. I got her blue, and was going to get pink for myself, but the PO didn't have any - just blue or green, so I got blue too. This is a wonderful stapler (yeah, I know, it's a stapler), and I am so pleased I got one.

I already have a Smiggle pencil case, which I am going to use for skincare/makeup when I am in the States.

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  1. Oooh I love the pencil case Rosie. I love the Smiggle stuff. Think I need the stapler to. Really enjoying your blog hon xo