Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gardening & Cleaning

I am so proud of myself - I spent 5 hours in the front garden, weeding and mulching - nutjob neighbour be damned! My brother dropped off a load of mulch yesterday, there was enough for half the garden. Woot!!

I am loving the Method brand of household cleansers from Woolies today, they were recommended by the girls on the Adore Beauty Forum - and they are fabulous. I normally have huge issues with bathroom cleansers in particular, all the doors and windows open, fan going, spray it, and then leave for an hour or two, before ordering someone else to go clean the shower. This one smells like ylang ylang, is natural, and does a better job than all those harsh chemical ones.

Mr14 is off for a few days, staying with a mate and his grandparents at their shack at the Lakes - I am not sure if I envy him or not - it'll be freezing up there, but there'll be no people.

Still tossing up whether or not to get one of the Rose Romance Beauty Powders, I made a deal with myself that I would not buy any more cosmetics if I wasn't going to actually use them. They are too pretty to use, but they are sure pretty enough to look at and sigh over every day.

Apparently there is a HUGE family reunion next year, all my mum's and my dad's extended families getting together - think I will be busy that weekend!

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