Thursday, May 28, 2009

Melbourne with The Mister

So, on Tuesday The Mister and I went to Melbourne to sort my Visa. And then we wandered around Melbourne. I bought 2 pairs of Dunlop Volleys, 1 for him, and 1 for Mr14, for $20 a pair.

The highlight of the day for me (apart from the Visa being granted) was the Smiggles shop at Spencer Street DFO - I was disowned because I actually clapped my hands and went "Oooooh...... Smiggles!" when I spotted it. But there was a shop absolutely chock-full of Smiggles! How could I not be excited!?!

Only reason I didn't buy anything was I couldn't decide what I wanted - far too much choice, I'd need a week in there.

Actually, Krispy Kreme at the airport on the way home was pretty damn cool too - I got to pick 4 donuts - and sample them all!

And there you have it, the biggest excitement in my day - Smiggles and Krispy Kreme. We visited the Beauty Halls of DJ's and Myer, and went to Kit at Myer, and I just couldn't get inspired. The only reason we went to any of them was The Mister thought I might like to, so I played along for his sake. It was nice to have a play, and see him smiling and laughing at me, but as for actually wanting to buy anything, nada.

I have lost the urge to shop. I am devastated. I rarely have the finances to shop the way I want, but the urge is always there. And now it's gone, I feel a bit lost.

The worst part is that if I had wanted something (or several somethings) at any of these places, I could have had it - he would have bought it for me. He did buy me my beloved Red, Green, Vanilla at T2, and also some Red Chai. We both enjoyed T2 immensely.

And now, if you will excuse me, I am going to do penance for my failure to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity by eating half of Mr20's chocolate cheesecake he just brought home.

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  1. I love T2 as well, they have so many lovely tea's.

    I'm sure your shopping urge will come back soon, it's probably just taking a rest so it's ready for your USA trip.