Monday, May 25, 2009

Places I Love - Online

So, today I thought I'd share a few of my favourite places on the 'net. And celebrate the fact that I will *finally* be able to leave my new earrings in overnight! I got them a week ago (the earrings), treated them and my ears with surgical spirit, and hoped that would be it. Within a couple of hours, I was in trouble - pounding pain in my lobes, and swelling so bad I had to get help to get the back off my right ear. I hate that!

I have had this problem ever since I got my ears done when I was 13, if I change earrings, even treating them and my ears with a disinfecting agent (surgical spirit is the best I have found so far), I get infection. If I wear no earrings, I get infection. And I always have lumps in my ears, around the holes. Not painful, just weird feeling. Mr14 is most concerned.

Of course, I could have just stuck with my sleepers (which still have the same issues), but these are sooooooo pretty.................

Anyhoo, to get onto more cheerful topics, my fave places on the 'net:

Adore - I buy almost all of my beauty supplies here - best CS in Australia,and the most gorgeous people ever!

Adore Beauty Forum - I am here a LOT - wonderfully informative, and a fantastically supportive Aussie beauty community. My online home.

GFY - the only fashion blog I read - because Fugly is the New Pretty!

Gigdiary - a crotchety, but endearing old curmudgeon I met on Mia Freedman's blog.

The Love of Pink - a fellow Adorable's blog - the girl loves her some pink!

Beautifully Glossy - my fellow Adorable and Viner A's beauty blog, where she reviews lots of pretties.

Temptalia - for all the happening beauty news

MamaMia - Mia Freedman's blog - a bit of current affairs, a bit of fashion, and a wee bit silly sometimes. Has a regular tribe of commentor's, is honest and well written.

MakeMeSmooth - Canadian company, owned by Nancy and Murray. Makes the best bath and body products ever, with a HUGE scent list.

eMakemeup - also owned by Nancy and Murray - aforum for beauty addicts the world over to share information. Most Viners are US based, but there are Europeans, Aussies, and Canadians as well. Most product info relates to the US, but it's a wonderful community, and seeing others thoughts on products before they hit our shores is often helpful.

Belle Lumiere - Adorable Belle's blog - she is o/s at the moment, lucky girl!

Beautyista and the Office Beast - Vee (yet another Adorable) shares her thoughts. This girl has the most gorgeous complexion ever.

Pinkcupcake - the most wonderful Miss Pink offers her thoughts on beauty and all thinks pink. One of the original Adorables, she is a fount of information, and has the biggest heart.

Gem's Beauty Obsession - the wonderful Gem shares her thoughts on all things beautiful. Another fabulous Adorable blog.

That's most of them - I avoid the gossip websites, and most of the fashion ones, as I am not interested in outright nastiness. A bit of cattiness is one thing (we all have our days) but just plain mean is not on. Oh, and of course, Polyvore..............

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  1. You could be allergic to the metals that ear-rings are made out of which in turn causes them to get infected?