Monday, June 15, 2009


I am so stuffed! I went to Burnie today, to get some info on Uni - it's the closest campus to me. The campus itself was fantastic - oh, I was so comfortable, could have stayed all week.

And then, I had to go back to 'town' to wait for my bus home. It was soooooo depressing. The shops, the people. The whole damn thing. Or maybe it was just me.....

Anyway, enough of that - I am thinking of doing a combined Bachelor of Arts and Business - no idea what the Arts Major would be, but Business would be Tourism. I will start next year, and apparently I am going to apply for a scholarship - I have to apply for a place while I am away (online) and when I get back, go see them to sort out what subjects I want to do, and do the application for the scholarship I apparently want.

Too tired to share more............

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  1. Maybe it's the city that's depressing? I get that way too, I much prefer the country. Country people seem to have more time just to say "Hello". I find country folk are much more friendlier than city folk.

    Good Luck with your studies.