Monday, June 29, 2009


Onto my 3rd lot of antibiotics for this damn chronic infection.............. gargh!! I also have a $60 nasal spray script to fill, once I finish the tablets.

Miss23's kids were utter brats this last weekend, sooooo bad, and it's not just me saying it!! the doctor is going to write a letter to the Housing Authority to get the little family a new place, as the current arrangement is responsible for my being sick.

Work is picking up nicely, although if I never have to work or clean up after a 21st again it will be too soon.

My titanium ring is here and is gorgeous - I now want another ring and a bracelet. They don't have any rings that grab my fancy in my size, but there's a bracelet......

I am also lusting after a few Smashbox items, and the worst thing is, it's stuff I would use. I have to work out how to make it fit the No Buy!!

I just found half a bottle of Vanilla Coke I had on the weekend - it tastes so very, very good. Probably because it's a guilty pleasure, and it's room temperature.

I am going to buy some - chipbark kind of stuff this week, and put it on the garden this weekend, weather permitting. Or weather not permitting, depending on the brats behaviour. I am going to start with 1 metre, and see how far it goes. It's $45m, so not too exxy. I weeded last weekend in preparation for this. I just want the garden relatively weed-free and controllable before we go away.

Only 4 weeks til we leave!!!! The most exciting part for me at the moment, is the fact taht I will have a month of sleeping in a real bed!!

Web Design is sucking royally - I wish I didn't have to keep my brain active in preparation for Uni next year, but I do. I am having to write HTML in Notepad. Why I ask you?! Frontpage is for writing websites, and there's Google if you get stuck, so why do I have to make my head ache with this stuff? Although I did put in links, lists, headings and pictures by myself, without bothering The Mister - I am pretty stoked with that effort. Oh, and I have changed the background colour 3 times so far! So yeah, while I am hating it, it's not all bad, I get to play with the pretty colours.

Things to do before we go away:

Buy sunscreen
Buy earplugs
Stock up random grocery items
Do my tax return (and pray it comes back in time)
Buy some more Ole H Red Tea Mist (this is a replacement)
Notify Centrelink

As I wrote that, I remembered, I think I am going nutso - I have been stockpiling the esential items for when The Mister and I go away, stuff like toilet paper, laundry and dishwashing detergent, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap etc. What is with that? Everyone here is capable of grocery shopping, but I am stockpiling anyway.

And on that cheerful note, I am off to - do something............

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  1. OMG you've made me crave vanilla coke. One of my weaknesses!