Monday, June 8, 2009


I am stonkered, spent 6 hours in the garden today. It looks like a disaster, but that's because I ripped a lot of stuff out, and it got dark before I could clear it away. I am actually going to compost it, and if it decides that rather than rotting down, it wants to grow, I'll rip it up again.

I have a full day tomorrow; groceries, visit the law, and ring TAFE about a couple of courses I want to pick up later this year.

My earrings from a couple of weeks ago are no good, the posts contain nickel, and I am nickel-allergic. Boo!! I wore them overnight that 1 night, and they still haven't healed up.

I am going to buy these tomorrow - titanium, so nickel free. Well, actually, I already bought them, and tomorrow I am hitting the boys up for money - these are my (very early) 39th birthday present - we are going to ignore 40! I also want the ring, and I will have it!!

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