Sunday, June 7, 2009


is the best thing! I love going out into a paddock (or in this case,the local high school flood basin), getting wet to the knees, and gathering 'shrooms. Not the pretty red and white ones - they grow out near my Mum's, and besides, they aren't 'shrooms, they are toadies. I remember when we were kids, wheneve we saw them, we were told to stay away, with the threat of getting really ill if we touched them.

So, anyhoo, I went mushrooming today, and I had a blast. I got a great heap of them, and delivered them to Julie over the road; I don't eat them, and neither does anyone else here. It was awesome because it reminded me of childhood, I get to be outside and alone, and there were birds everywhere. I counted a magpie, a crow, a pair of plovers, a crane, several seagulls, a few flying rats, and about a dozen galahs, along with assorted others. Awesomeness!!

And, to top it, I found a faerie ring!!! It was flaming HUGE!!I didn't pick any of the 'shrooms on it - there were only a few - because I didn't want to upset the faeries. We are approaching the Winter Solstice, one of the most important nights of the year for the Fae. The ring is an important part of their ceremonies, and should therefore not be disturbed if you can at all avoid doing so. And I sure as Hell didn't make the mistake of standing in the middle of it either - as much as I am sick of certain aspects of my life, I really don't want to actually go off with the faeries.

And yes, you did read right, I believe in faeries, but they certainly are not the Disney kind.


  1. Mmm well I'm always off with the fairies...hehehe (my girls love me reading fairy books, dressing up like fairies and the like)

    We have huge mushrooms growing out our way. I don't eat them either, I'm sure there isn't any flavour to them, though hubby seems to like them for some reason?