Saturday, June 13, 2009

Notebook Night............

Oh boy, I am a mess! I have had a tough week emotionally - the heritage thing, and today the reality of the fact that we will have to put one of our dogs down this winter, and missing my cat. So yeah, tonight is Notebook Night.

I have Cheese & Bacon Balls, fake red wine (alcohol-removed Shiraz), chocolate (had to settle for Cadbury) and am about to dine on meat pie and vanilla coke.

I even went so far as to pick a fight with The Mister - he knows what happens when I am emotionally over-wrought, and even that didn't work. Mind you, I was a little restrained, seeing as the point of contention was his younger sister - stupid, selfish, self-centred, spoilt brat that she is. I cannot stand the woman, hated her on sight 20something years ago.

It's not just the stuff up there that has brought this on, which is why he didn't rip me a new one - weeks of TPN, a 2nd family in our tiny house, work shit, 4 years of legal bullshit, nerves over Uni, the fact that Mr14 hates his school, that Mr20 is going to move away next year, Mum moving away - these have all contributed. As has his health, and the fact that I had to give up my cat earlier this year.

On that subject though, I may have a breakthrough - I rang the RSPCA this week, to see about donating - and I asked about Puss - he went home with one of the volunteers and is very happy, and very loved. So anyway, what got me going on this was, I walked past the vet, and there were kittens in there - that was it, tears galore. Rang the RSPCA, then came home and told The Mister that I want a cat. I expected an outright "No!" but I got, "Let's wait til the New Year, when things are a bit more settled. And there will be restrictions."

I can guarantee that one restriction will be that it must be short-haired - Puss' hair was long and super fine, and caused breathing problems for him. I reckon he will want it kept out of the lounge and bedrooms - but I will go with no bedrooms, and not on the furniture. And if he says no to that, I'll cry. And get my way.

I never use tears to get my way even though it'd work every time - but this time I will. The waiting til New Year is fair, we don't have room atm, we are going on holiday for a month in 7 weeks, I have a new job starting soon, and plan to go to Uni next year. So yeah, fair call on his part.

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