Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, and.....

I am doing well on my No Buy. Scarily well. Especially when you consider it was inspired by a friend (Miss Pink!) mentioning an article about not shopping, which appeared in a magazine whose whole purpose is to encourage people to shop!

I went on this months ago, to force myself to use up the samples and partially used skin and body care stuff I had about the place. Once I got that done, I kept it going so that I would have an excuse to shop up a storm in the States. Although things for my trip were then allowed (clothes etc), most of that I got on eBay, or at retailers on special.

The rules were simple: replacements for dead items only. Gifts for others. I even had a list:

What I am allowed to buy:
Eye cream
Night moisturiser
Hand cream for my bag
Cuticle balm
Shampoo and conditioner
Facial scrub
Cotton pads for toning after masks
My 3 times weekly cup of coffee/chai - this is my big luxury, and I am not giving it up.

What I am NOT allowed to buy:
Body creams/lotions
Makeup of any sort
Body washes
General accessories
Chocolate/lollies/junk food generally

I have actually been remarkably good. I didn't give up chocolate entirely (sacrilege to suggest it!) but, I made a concious effort to be aware of everything I bought. And I am doing quite nicely thank you.

I haven't stopped with the non-essentials altogether - I am buying the ring I mentioned in an earlier post, and I bought a bin for next to my desk today, but I am no longer buying stuff (even $5 stuff) getting it home, and going "Why?"

I can justify the ring though - I am getting a new job, and a new job warrants a New Job Present to Myself. Which is how I get the ring.

My Body Shop at Home order? I am almost out of body moisturiser, I have no mascara (I use clear) and can't find any no matter where I look, I love their handcream and Miss Soon to be 4 killed most of the last one. So replacements. And, by sending the order with Miss23, and not going myself, I don't buy non-essential items.

I got my GoSmile toothpaste on sale for 50% off (and it was a replacement), and while the Ole Henriksen shampoo and conditioner I plan to purchase ASAP is exxy, it has eased my scalp dermatitis, at a time when my allergies are going nuts. SO I don't care - although THe Mister might if he saw the price.

My Natural Instincts order? I needed containers that wouldn't smash in my luggage, and this was cheaper than local options, even with postage. Plus, I got a $13 free gift with my $5 order.

I bought 2 sample sized tubes of U/C Daily Moist with SPF30+ for $15 (including postage) enough to get me through til I get home, thus saving $45.

I laybyed 2 pairs of Layne B trainers when they were Buy 1, Get 1 60% off. Got 2 pairs of slippers at a discoutn shop for $15 for the 2.

My plan for shopping in the States? Get me a Cash Passport (on the sly, The Mister won't know) and use that to make the bulk of my skincare/cosmetic purchases. I plan to stock up on Ole Henriksen, because even with the exchange rate, it's 30% cheaper to buy it there.

Now, the picture of this bag......... and my bin, cause it's pretty too.

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  1. Hi there! I really liked this post........I can live vicariously through you as I'm too weak to do it myself! Good for you xxx