Friday, June 5, 2009

One long day

Oh, I am so tired. I did a 10.5 hour shift yesterday, and while I've done longer in my time, this is the first one that long in a while. But, as tired as I am, I feel good. Great people, and I enjoyed the shift. Helps a lot.

Nothing hugely exciting to report: TPN is still being psycho, Mouse is still being unbelievably cute - he talked (as much as a 6 week old can) at me today when I walked into his room. He really let loose last night when his mum came in, he was tired and grizzly, she came in and he was all coos and smiles at her. My heart melted to hear him do that, and see her face when he did it.

Mr14 is being, well a 14 year old boy. Exhausting. The Mister is doing better, his cast is off, he has to wear a brace through the day for the next few weeks, but that's it. His physio is helping with the pain in his leg/hip. Apparently it has to do with damage to the nerves in his back. Won't be fixed, but there are treatments that will render him free of that pain.

Mr20 comes home tonight - I have missed him, but not as badly as I thought I would. Probably because whenever he got stuck, he'd send an SMS asking for help. So he still needs his Mum.

I have decided to go to Uni next year, study for a BA with a major in Tourism. I have 9 years to finish it in, I am sure I can manage that, even with work, Mr14 and The Mister. I am a bit excitement.

The big decision is, do I claim the reduced fees I can get? I agreed to back Mr20 in his getting them, because he is entitled, and it'll give him a great boost in his life. Thank you Adorables for helping me clarify my thoughts on that one.

I am no less entitled, but I am going to Uni for a very different reason - myself, not a career. I am most certainly eligible, and if I can be bothered I can verify my Aboriginality up the wazoo, but I don't know if I can be bothered to go through all the rigmarole for me. To do it for my boys is one thing, but for myself, not so much. Actually, Mum is going to do it for the boys, she wants to. She'd do it all for me if I asked her, she would be stoked that I am acknowledging it. But then there's all the ensuing bs, and that I don't want to be bothered with.


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  1. You already know my opinion, but I'll tell you again anyhow ;) You're entitled, so claim it. It's irrelevant why you're studying. You've worked really hard for a long time and it's high time you did something nice for yourself. Claim everything you're entitled to!