Friday, June 19, 2009

Still stonkered.................

.............although I now know why. I have 2 people in quarantine - Mr14 and Mr20 have a lurgy. Mr24 and The Mister have nasty coughs. Mouse is 'ish' - but I think he's going through a growth spurt. Sick people wear me out. Not to mention TPN pulled more of his nonsense the other day - that wiped me out.

Also, The Mister has - what's the word I want here - enlisted, that's it - me to help him build a Qi Gong system. Which is great - Qi Gong is all about energy. But until my poor system is used to it, it's going to be hard yards. I get tired easily at the best of times of late, if I have to concentrate, let alone use my brain for 6 hours a day.......... and then have massive amounts of energy belting through my body. He doesn't get it, "It's supposed to energise you!" Yes, well, no doubt it will in the future, but for now, it's a battle. In some ways, I do feel better, I just need a wee kip after each session to gain the full benefits.

6 weeks til we go on holiday and counting. I have more of my bits and pieces for the trip, got given a white handbag to take - a friend gave it to me. It's very nice - I would never use a white bag here, I am a grott, but this one is nice. Will post a pic shortly.

Tomorrow is going to be full-on - Miss 23's children, aged 2 and 3 - Miss3 will be 4 on Monday, so we are having a wee party for her tomorrow. I am exhausted thinking about it - and when did party food get so damn expensive?!

Have decided that I am definitely doing a Combined Degree, Arts and Business. I have NFI what I want to pick in the Arts - I have my first year subjects picked out - Sociology A/B, Psychology A/B, Contemporary Indigenous (HATE that word) Australia, Historical Indigineous Australia, and something else. Probably Intro to Law-Legal Studies. Which gives me options in Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Aboriginal Studies and Behavioral Studies. I somehow doubt I will go into Aboriginal Studies, I have huge issues with people who claim Aboriginality, harp on about how hard it is, but never in their lives copped any flak.

But I must get a dictaphone thingy for Mum, I want her to pass the stories to me - I need this. For myself, and so I can pass them to my kids. We are both so busy, we don't have time to sit down and talk like that, so I will ask her to record them for me. Modern technology keeping the heritage alive. Works for me!

I had an interesting discussion the other day with a woman from the Heart Foundation, and a couple of random stranger. THF were canvassing for people to donate. We got into a huge discussion about how a lot of people don't know their family health history, I don't know why you wouldn't. And then we got onto how people of different ethnicities (my big word for the week there folks) have different ideas on what is and isn't good for them. It was really interesting. I realised afterwards just how much I miss the mental stimulation of talking to different people. The Mister is super smart, but after 21.5 years, I am pretty sure how he feels about most things, so there aren't a whole lot of avenues left to explore.

Which is why I am super-excited about going back to TAFE - I will be doing a short (4 weeks) course on Evaluating Wines (I'd like to do viticulture, the science of it fascinates me, but I don't have the brain for chemistry), and Cert IV in Supervision in Hospitality *yawn* just to have some interaction with others. I am also doing Cert III IT - Web Design, which will bore me to tears, but it's a new skill, so.......

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