Friday, July 10, 2009

As promised..................

Here is a peek into my 'robe. I have not included the 2 pairs of knee length khaki shorts, half a dozen Bonds singlets, old (and not so old) trackies, hoodies etc. They aren't wardrobe items, they are comfort clothes, and should never be worn further than the corner shop. But they are. I also haven't included a pair of grey pinstripe pants, they are classic style, as are the tweedy brown pair I *hope* to fit into again - they don't photograph well.

The reason I have so little is - well, there's no single reason. After the legal battle from Hell, I tossed ALL the clothes I wore throughout - several pairs of pants and a couple of shirts. I kept the shoes. My weight was waaaaaay up throughout most of the battle, I was depressed, and when I am depressed, I eat and don't exercise. And I refused to buy clothes while I was the size I was, I was desperate to lose weight, but I wasn't motivated. Now I am.

Also, depending on the way things went (for the longest time it wasn't looking good) we may have had to move, and I didn't want to buy clothes here, to cart there, and them maybe not be appropriate.

Please excuse the wrinkles, current living arrangements make ironing an uphill battle.

Shoes=knee high black boots with a 3" heel, Caterpillar casual walkers (khaki) Gold & black strappy slip-ons with a 3" heel, Red and black slingbacks with a 2" heel, Gisele B Ipanema shoes, the ones with the back strap. Layne B sneakers.

The only thing in this whole list that was new when I got it, was the trench - it was a gift. The rest is op shops, family members hand-me-downs, or eBay cheapies. Except the shoes, they are all bought new. I have a thing about shoes.............


  1. Haha...I have a thing about shoes too!

    Years ago my great aunt tried to palm off a pair of her dead friends shoes. Eekks...thank goodness that they were too small. (I didn't want to hurt her feelings either) Even if they weren't her dead friends shoes, they were still "granny shoes". She's still living as if she's in the great depression.

  2. Yeah, I am a bit picky about shoes. Someone else's shoes are great for them, not for me.