Sunday, July 12, 2009

I got my chocolate.......

.... ate half and binned the rest. It was awful! He got me Cadbury from the servo, which was lovley, he knew Mum needed chocolate ASAP. But Cadbury themselves munted it - they now add in vegetable oil, and it's ruined the chocolate.

It tastes dodgy. Like el cheapo imported chocolate from the $2 shop. That sucks.

I salved my disappointment with The Departed, and Midnight n the Garden of Good and Evil. I love both those movies, great storylines, Midnight has great backdrops (all those old Southern houses/streets/gardens) and The Departed has Di Caprio (setting aside his age), in the only movie where I have ever even remotely gotten his sex appeal. I loved him in Gangs of New York, and Blood Diamond, but until The Departed I never got the rest of it.

Ho hum, I had best go clean up the driveway before work, someone (have a fair idea who) broke beer bottles all over it.

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