Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the hunt..................

.......... for the perfect dress. Black, or charcoal. Kinda fitted, but not showing lumpy bits. Not making me look pregnant or barn like, or like I am 38 going on 60 in the late 1950's. Just above knee-length. Day or evening wearable. Must look good with boots. Will only be worn with boots.

This is the bane of my existence, finding a dress that looks good. I have a long torso, short waist, and am quite broad in the hip and shoulder. Not to mention I was built with plenty of both T&A. And I stand all of about 5'4"...............................

Actually, finding anything that doesn't make me look try-hard feral bogan, 1950's granny, or barn sized is a challenge.............. Add to that the fact that I take offence at paying $200-$300 for an item of clothing, that isn't a complete outfit in itself and we have a big problem. Shirts, pants and skirts should not cost more than boots. Dresses may. Because, well, they are dresses.......

I wasn't planning on clothes shopping when I go away, but now, I think I may have to. The inspiration for this? MissLadyFinger, whose outfit in her blog yesterday had me drooling over her dress - it is gorgeous. It'd never work on me (those lumpy bits I mentioned) but oh! how I want a dress that looks that good on me.

To be fair, MLF does not have to carry this burden alone, I am also being inspired by Andrea, who also posts stunning outfits on her blog, particularly the jacket we are both in love with. And the fact that I made a deal with myself that in 2010, once I got my house/life in order, I was going to make an effort of some sort every day. Even if I still live in trackies, they will be *nice* ones.

Ah, dreams.......................


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Miss! A new dress? This is so exciting! Will you keep us up to date in your hunt?
    Forgive me for being forward, but why are you waiting until 2010 to make an effort everyday dear? Even in the midst of disorder, you owe it to yourself to feel beautiful and effort worthy. Will you start this today, just with a slick of lipgloss? Then tomorrow, a slick of lipgloss and a dab of bronzer/blusher.....and so on. I PROMISE only good will come out of it xxx

  2. I will start Monday. Weekends are for slacking, gardening or working. xo