Thursday, July 30, 2009


And while he is certainly looking frailer, and older, he is still fiesty and crotchety as ever. And desperately bored and lonely. I am going to visit regularly when we get home, and take him some pictures of the kids.

The home itself seems ok, it is a very new set-up, so still in the teething stage of things, but he says it's not too bad, as those places go.

The Mister is worrying about what the consequences of having/not having the hip replacement are. He is concerned that I will lose out on work/have issues with Uni. I told work from the get-go, that he had a degenerative bone disorder (I wasn't thinking of OA, rather the itis that starts with spo....) and that if he got to the point where he needed me at home, I was walking away. They won't be happy, but I was upfront from the word go.

We have agreed that we will assess the options once we get back from our holiday. The pain has been super-intense the past 2 days, where they had him manipulate it to a painful point so they could get proper xrays of it.


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