Monday, July 13, 2009

Well, it just keeps getting better!

Today was spent doing battle with The Law. I think I made headway. I am not sure. What I do know is that The Law does not know how to deal with a woman who doesn't swear, yell, cry, or try to throw her weight around by standing/slamming around the room while doing any of the former. I remained seated, I didn't yell or cry, and I didn't swear. I stated what I felt clearly, and passionately. The Law was at a bit of a loss. Mr14 was astonished, and rather impressed. The Mister was disbelieving, as was Mr20. I tend to be a wee bit fiesty when upset. What no-one realised is that I am beyond upset, I am well and truly mad. Not a good place to have me........

Tomorrow we go to The Lawyer - not The Awesome Lawyer, there's a conflict of interest issue, but recommended by The Awesome Lawyer, so I am hopeful.

And you know what really pisses me off about today? I had 3 items on watch on eBay - a top (well, a short dress I would wear as a top) and 2 actual dresses. Grand total they sold for was less than $10, and postage would have made it less than $20. And I missed it!!!! Gaaah! Now I have to spend hourrrrrrrrrrs trawling through the rubbish to find good stuff again. I might start now.............


  1. E-bay annoys me too. Especially when you try to sell good things. Everybody wants something for nothing and then when the fees come out, your back to square one and made nothing. I call it Fee-Bay...haha.

  2. And then PayPal - The Mister is selling on eBay, and what buyers don't realise is that the seller gets slapped 3 ways, listing fees, fees on the sale and PayPal fees.