Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well, the lawyer.............

............ is optimistic. And supportive. And expensive! But we can pay it in bits, which is a bonus, no way could we pay $200 an hour up front.

Everyone here is sick, except for myself, Mouse and Miss23. Yet. Mouse has a tad of a cold, thanks to a tooth. Miss is ok, and me, well I have so many antiobiotics running through my system, there is now way I should get sick. In theory anyway.

Today Mouse and I went into town, it was a beautiful day. We windowshopped, and had a coffee. It was great. He knows his Nan - the minute I went in to say Good Morning, he started smiling and wiggling on his mum's knee. So I 'stole' him. He snoozed into town, woke up for coffee, and a spot of shopping, then we ran all the way home.

We did make a purchase, we bought a Jeans for Genes badge/pin thing. And a Hissyfit clear tinted moisturiser (yes, that IS an oxymoron) because the U/C isn't rich enough, even with Ole offering a boost. And I only have the travel-sized U/C, which is packed, so I needed a daily moisturiser. No Buy is holding. Except for the bracelet and pin I bought for my friend L for Christmas (50% off) and the ring I got for Miss23's birthday ($40 - titanium). I plan on getting Miss18 a pendant from the same place for Christmas. All these things were/are on sale, so the saving in the end is quite good.

Oh, and Adore posted an article of mine, this one about my planned trip to the Mecca of all skincare/beauty junkies - Sephora!!


  1. It's nice to have lovely days like this. Can't wait to read about all your adventures Rosie. Oh an I'm sure we'll here all the fab buys too. xxx

  2. Oh yes, there will be reports on my shopping adventreus. Although I don't think I will be buying half as much as I like to think I will.

  3. I am so excited for you Rosie. I bet you are going to miss Mouse whilst you are away.

  4. Lucky you! From what I've heard, Sephora is quite generous with samples, so make use of it! :)