Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What are you lot doing to me??

First, those (super stylish) Kiwis got me desperately wanting to find the perfect dress, and something that resembles a sense of style. And now, my lust for the bag to end all bags, A Deadly Ponies sling, has been re-awakened. Noooooooo...................

I fell in love with Mr Sling a couple of years ago, when he was purple suede. Then he was cerise leather. Both times, out of my price range. This time around, he isn't overly bright, unless he is orange, and I am not a fan of orange. That's IT! I am going to save up, and get me a Mr Sling, in whatever bright colour he comes out in next. Unless he decks himself out in acid green, or mustard yellow. Because they won't work with my wardrobe either.


  1. You so deserve Mr Sling Rosie. Love reading your blog. It adds a touch of sanity to my day. One of my favourite things to do is curl up on the couch with a chai latte and read your blog!

  2. Indeed you deserve one! I can't wait to see it! May we have a photo? xxx

  3. Thanks ladies - will track down pictures of Mr Sling in cerise and purple, and psot over the weekend. He is rather handsome! xo

  4. Oh my favourite colour is purple!.
    I think it would look best in Purple too! Noice!