Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who's bright idea.............

..........was it to get an exercise machine? I mean, seriously! The Mister saw a late night infomercial the other week, woke me up to watch with him, and decided to order the machine in question. It arrived today. At least he might use this one, the home gym was used to store laundry, and the exercise bike became a toy for the kids. But deterioration of health may inspire a bit of effort. He is giving up smoking again, he went 6 months cig-free, got belted over the head, and started again. He is using the tablets to do it - they worked last time, although the first week he was a mess.

I can't vouch for much as yet, butthis machine surely gives a good leg workout, and the cardio part of it's name is true. ZOMFG!! Utterly buggered is me. Probably partly because in the past 2 days I have walked a lot, and moved 2m of mulch. As well as that damn machine. I can feel my legs, my back and my abs............. The Mister feels his legs and back when he is on it (both are munted) but not his abs - not even sure he has abs any more, gut yes, abs, maybe. Me, I have abs of steel, under a reasonable layer of insulation - I know this, because a gym instructor pointed it out. As did the ultrasound guy a few weeks ago.

At present Mr14 is having a go, and telling me how boring it is.

Oh, and the other thing that happened today (today is a good day so far) I got my Special Employees licence, so I can drive the Keno machine, officially. Now I just have to learn all the TOTE rigmarole, and I will be on!!

Apart from that, there's not a lot of excitement happening, f***wit being a f***wit, a bit of refinement of the Sephora wishlist, a touch of eBay dreaming. Oh, and I joined 2 groups on Polyvore.............. And my front garden looks freakin' awesome!!!

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