Thursday, September 24, 2009


That pretty much covers the whole thing.

My allergies are acting up, so I feel lousy. Since we got home at the start of the month, we have had 3 rain-free days, otherwise it has bucketed down.

Idiot is still there - but we got the RO through, so hopefully that will help.

The Housing Authority are dragging their heels on moving him, or us (I don't care, I really don't), and have recently sent the Little Family a letter saying their application for a house had been cancelled. Due to no contact, even though Miss23 had been in the week before, and spoken to someone (I was there!) Tossers!

I go on Monday to apply for scholarships for Uni (Eeeeeeee!) and sort out what exactly will be required of me for the course. Mr20 has applied for a place in Law, which is at the other end of the island, but that's ok, it's time.

Mr14, well, he is 14.

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