Sunday, September 13, 2009

A touch peeved...........

.......... just a touch you understand. Actually, monumentally pissed would be a better phrase.

The Mister and I went for a (much needed, and equally deserved) month away - we saved and went without for 4 years to do it (if it all fell apart, that was my Moving Fund). Before we left, I set up bill payments, everything from rent to the phone, all getting taken care of. The fridge, freezers and cupboards were stocked to bursting with food. Cleaning products and toiletries were stocked up, with backups just in case, and we still have the backups. I also still have a supply of dog food, the same stuff I bought before we went away.

Mr20 had $200 to buy school lunch makings for himself and Mr14. Mr24 & Miss23 had their board to buy groceries. That's $500 for a month, if we are being technical, even though they had a 2 week supply laid in.

The cupboards (and fridge, and freezers) are like Mother Hubbard's. They got paid on Thursday, I got back Sunday, and on Monday had to go buy groceries to get us through til I got back to work, and got paid.

So yeah, I am mad as Hell about that. The Mister isn't overly impressed either. And rather glad that I have this blog to rant at, as I know I am being a bit over-the-top, and no-one In the Real World would want to listen to me.


  1. I don't blame you, I'd be really angry about that too!

  2. To be fair, Mr20 gave me $100 back, but the other 2 have no excuse.