Monday, October 19, 2009

All plans to the backburner..........

The Mister's mum is unwell (she has Lupus) so we aren't going anywhere in a hurry. Which, while I understand, I don't like. This is not a new development (the lupus), but the sudden decline in health is.

Other reasons offered for this;

* My degree - there is 1 Uni, and 1 campus, that offers this. And he wants me to do it.

* Mr14 - it's not fair to uproot him in his final years of high school.

* If we go now, we may not be able to fulfill my ultimate dream, which, it turns out, has now become his also. He has 1 big move left in him, he says, and he wants it to be the ultimate, if we can do it. If not, well then we deal with it at the time.

* His health - he has doctors he trusts here, and until a few things are sorted, he doens't want to go anyplace.

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