Sunday, October 18, 2009

Better today........

The Mister had a Boy's Day (kind of, he and a mate went and visited their respective family members together) yesterday and last night, so I have gotten a bit of breathing space. Him stressing was doing my head in.

Mr14 has gone to Church, he was invited by one of his teachers, and thought "Why not give it a look?" I am rather proud of his open-mindedness, this being the child who is agnostic by choice since he was 6 or so. He is also looking at getting a job where Mr20 works. House rule is: Old enough to work legally, get theyself a job. Easier if he wants to do it though. Money is a great incentive.

The move I dream of is looking like it could now be a 12 months-away thing. The Mister wants to go o/s again next year, and unless we win Lotto, we won't be able to afford a move and a trip. The trip is top priority, due to a number of factors (health of various people being a big one), but I intend to tell him that if we can only afford 2 to go, it should be him and Mr14, they need to bond a bit. I'd LOVE to go see our friends again, but the reality is, 2 weeks is not long enough, and I refuse to take 3 weeks off, to have to sit here and deal withjetlag and depression for 1 of them. And realistically, saving for 12 months would make the move easier. Just means I will be miserable longer.

Also in Mr14 news (he has been a worry of late) I want to homeschool him next year. Aside from the financial burden easing (he is private schooled atm), the stress on me would be a lot less. I wouldn't have to worry every day about him making the bus, or getting home safely. No matter what happens with the feral halfwit, Mr14 will be at risk so long as he (TFH) draws breath. And as I will be studying myself, he can study at the same time. He will have set work hours, and if he fails to comply, there goes his social life for that day. 3 days of non-compliance, there goes his weekend. I just have to convince The Mister. And the Education Department.

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