Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I think.....................

...............that Spring might almost be my favourite season. If I ignore the wind, the rain and the hayfever, it is. The flowers are starting to peek out, trees are budding and blooming, the birds are out in force. The whole world looks prettier, on days when I am not getting blown away, or soaked to the skin.

I cannot wait to start Uni on the one hand, and that it is going to nearly kill me on the other. I have been away from formal study forever, and this is some serious hard yards - lots of research (soooo out of practice) and brainstorming(my poor noggin hurts at the thought of that), not to mention report writing (oh help!). I just have to pick my electives, and I am good to go. Of course, I have NFI what electives I want.

I am seriously over the idiot over the road. His campaign of bullying, destruction, and terror continues, and quite frankly, I am fed up.

The common cold is the worst thing in the damn world to have. It drags on, makes you feel like shite, and no-one thinks twice about going to work with it, as "It's just a cold". FFS people, you feel lousy, you have a highly contagious virus in your system - stay home!!!!!

My Kenneth Cole shoes are the best things I have bought in aaaaaaaaages. And not just cause they are comfy - they cost me $45USD, and are $400+ here. Go me. Although, my Bitten by SJP jeans ($3 thankyouverymuch), are running a close second.

That groceries here are outrageously priced. I mean I knew they were before I went away, but the prices just seem to keep climbing. Americans (at least where we were) are so damn lucky, they pay bugger-all for what would be premium goods here. And yet, they still bitch.

That a very long sleep is very much in order. I wish!

Oh, and my mental health update:

I had 2 very bad weeks, I was teary, angry and miserable in turn every day. At one stage, I was picking fights with The Mister, but had no idea what the Hell I was arguing about. It was like there were 2 of me, the one crying/yelling/accusing, and the one standing to the side going "Dude, WHAT THE HELL?!" I think it was just the come-down from the trip, and the fact that I had no time to re-adjust slowly, I just got thrown straight back into the mix within 24 hours.

I have been wearing e/l, lippie and mascara to work every day, except the one where my allergies made my eyes water so bad I couldn't see. It helps, I think.

I haven't been 'dressing' every day, too much work, when all I am doing is getting doghaired, and baby-spewed/drooled for the most part. Today I made the effort (kind of), and got a lot of lovely comments.

The healthy living thing is going ok, I had a coffee and a brownie today, and didn't really enjoy either. My excuse? I am sick, it's already been a long week, and it's only Tuesday. A mouthful of lemon squash the other day tasted lousy, and a cup of tea was vomitworthy. I am using rice milk with my cereal for breakfast, and it's not too bad. Must take some to the barista, so I can try a chai latte with it.

Work is full-on, the Silly Season looms larger every day. Add the Spring Racing to that, and it's ZOMG! Feh! But the money isn't bad (not as good as retail, but I enjoy the work more, and I LOVE the lack of workplace politics), so I will stick it out. Plus, my bosses support my Uni plans, which is a huge bonus. I also get to meet some interesting people, which I enjoy.

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  1. I'd love to get my hands on Bitten! Wishing you a wonderful week. xoxo