Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My thoughts on airports

I am working up to a mammoth post about my holiday. I am giving myself lots of distance, so I don't crumble into tears.

So, today I thought we'd start with airports. Love 'em, hate 'em, they are an essential and unavoidable part of modern travel.

Tassie airports; we have 4, I have flown out of 3. They are all basically the same - a concrete rectangle, with big windows on one side, and overpirced food and drink. Freezing at all times, and generally rather depressing.

Melbourne; means business. There's no hiding that this is a serious business, moving people from one spot to another. I quite like Melbourne airport, it's straight forward. The staff are helpful, and polite. And you can get outside, no matter which terminal you are in.

Sydney; I do not like as much - even though it is prettier. It feels more pretentious, and I don't like the layout. Also don't go much on the attitude of many of the staff I have met there. Some were fantastic, the majority had a "Stop wasting my time" attitude. No fresh air in International.

Honolulu; very pretty - open to the air in a lot of places, with live tropical plants all over the place. The staff are always friendly (even at 1 a.m., when all anyone wants to do is go home to bed), even Security were pleasant, and very helpful/empathetic. Lots of fresh air.

San Francisco; a lot like Sydney with the attitude of staff, and the layout is not great. Ovreheated horribly, and no chance of getting outside once you hit International.

Los Angeles; LA may be smoggy, but the airport isn't too bad. A lot like Melbourne in it's layout, and again, you can get outside. There are white hibiscus on the opposite side of the road - near the carpark, which help break the monotony of concrete. There are also huge colour-changing columns that you can see from the entry to International. Staff were great, even Security were relatively friendly.

Reno-Tahoe; An airport with slot machines in it - my idea of a nightmare. This is quite a spacious airport, and you can get outside anytime you want. The staff here were all friendly and helpful.

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