Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lounge sports

What is it about watching sport on TV that is so exciting?

For a long time, I couldn't answer that question. I would rather be out there playing than watching. As I get older however, I find I prefer life as a spectator. These days, just thinking about playing hurts.

I have watched a bit of tennis this Australian Open. I got home after a 14 hour shift, turned the TV on, and there was tennis. So I 'watched'. All I can tell you is that some bloke called Rafa was playing, and won. I think he won. I seem to recall seeing that in the next day's paper.

Cricket though, oh yes, now THERE is a sport I can enjoy - the Hobart test this year was awesome - I watched that at work with the boys. There was beer, cricket, commentary and debate (ours, we kept the TV volume down). It's no fun to watch by yourself though. Rather like Aussie Rules. I like to watch that, and comment. Especially the finals. The rest, I can take or leave. And the rugby State of Origin, and when we play the All Blacks. I holler, tick off the umpires, ask the players wtf were they doing, and have a wow of a time - all in my own loungeroom. Or at work, much to the amusement of the patrons.

I will never be one of these people who plans their week/day/year around what is on TV. I can't do it. If I miss a match I wanted to see, I am disappointed, but life goes on. I was probably out, thinking how much fun I could have playing, if only I didn't hurt so much.

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