Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No More Shopping! That's IT!!

I *may* have bought a skirt on eBay last night (Cooper St, less than $20 including postage), and 3 pairs of shoes ($40 for all 3) this morning.

The skirt was Mr20's fault, he thought it might work. And at the price, how could I not? That was his logic, and I may have gone along with it. As you do.

I have the start of a good collection of basics. Now I can add a piece here and a piece there, as they jump out at me.

The exception to this rule (of course there is an exception) is the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, and the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection. Alice rules!

Well, actually, the Queen of Hearts rules. Pure evil, wearing a fabulous crown. Phwoar!!


  1. Yay, you've done so well with all your shopping! Only a few months ago you hard barely anything to wear and now you've got a great wardrobe!

  2. Thank you gorgeous! The 'robe is coming along well, and even better, I am wearing it!

    My Charlotte Russe order shipped in the US yesterday - so excited!