Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paco, Come Home

In a small town in Spain, a man named Jorge had a bitter argument with his young son Paco. The next day Jorge discovered Paco's bed was empty - he had run away from home.

Overcome with remorse, Jorge searched his sould and realised that his sonw as more important to him than anything else. He wanted to start over. Jorge went to a well-known store in the centre of town and posted a large sign that red "Paco, come home. I love you. Meet me here tomorrow morning."

The next morning Jorge went to the store, where he found no less than seven young boys named Paco who had run away from home. They were all answering the call for love, each hoping it was his father inviting him home with open arms.

Alan Cohen


  1. Hi Rosie. :) How can I help? If you prefer to email me, my address is andrea[dot]eames[at]gmail[dot]com.

  2. I have replied! :) This feels a bit like passing notes in class, doesn't it? xx

  3. It does. I'd forgotten how much fun it was xo