Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whoa baby!

It's time to slow down a bit. Not blog posts (although I have gone a bit mad of late), but shopping.

In the past 2 weeks I have bought (eBay unless otherwise stated):

2 black dresses
1 pair of Diana Ferrari blue flats
1 blue and one beige short sleeve blouse
A grey skirt
Dark green short sleeved shirt

9 camis in 6 colours from Charlotte Russe - this is a US store, with FABULOUS basics at great prices. Even with shipping through a 3rd party, these were cheap. And the quality is wonderful (I shopped there on holiday).

I am also planning to buy a pair of pants. 5 days to go, and they are at 99cents. I was debating a shirt and a blouse. But I decided to give them a miss, the shirt was sky blue, and that is a risky colour for me. The blouse was satin, and shiny stuff tends to look cheap on me.

I also bought a new mobile phone - but that was a real essential after this week - my current phone has no camera, and if ever I needed a camera, it was this week.

So now, I have the start of a nice basic wardrobe. Finally.

And now I MUST stop shopping. Although, excepting the phone, the whole lot comes to less than $120 - including postage.

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