Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Day at UTAS, a Sick Teen, and the Job Front

Today was my first day as a Uni student and I had a blast. There wasn't an actual lecture, more an intro to the unit, what it's about, how it will be assessed, so on and so forth.

The class is incredibly diverse. We are from all walks of life, age brackets, and many industries. One thing we are all looking for is a change, be it in our lifestyles, or our environment. Or both.

I had to get The Mister to come rescue me - the bus timetable I was given was waaaaaaaaaaaaay out - I would have been stuck in a closed-down town for another 90 minutes if he hadn't offered to come get me.

We are getting along better now - I think I have finally worked out what my issue is. Aside from feeling frustrated that I was/am standing still in terms of personal development, I have been 'off' for the past 3 months or so (according to him).

That timeframe coincides with the time I started to think the anti-depressants weren't doing what they were meant to do, that they were in fact inhibiting my getting 'balanced'. I have now weaned off them, but had not as yet gotten back onto my HRT (the 2 together was not pretty). So today I picked up the HRT, and I am hoping that will help get me sorted. I tend to get emotional and argumentative, with NFI what I am arguing about, when my hormones are off.

Mr14 is home with raging tonsilitis - he even has a doctor's certificate for the entire week! Poor man is so run down, he is asleep at present, snoring his poor noggin off.

Now, to the job-quitting thing. I am glad I did it. It feels right. Obviously finances are going to be super-tight, but I am confident that I should be able to find other employment. The job market here is super-tight at present, even worse than normal.

I'm not going into details here - I don't think that is necessary. Suffice to say that a line was crossed, one that I will NOT tolerate anyone crossing. I don't care who it is, I will not wear that sort of nonsense.

I have an vague plan to hit up employers in my area of interest for my degree, as I have access to funding through the Federal Government to pay a 'wage' to me for the entire year, and they get to have access to my brain, voice, arms and legs for 12 weeks (or the equivalent) a year for the time it takes me to get my degree.

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