Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moving Day

Yep, today is the day The Young Couple make their move. They are off to the State capital for Uni, he is studying Law, she is studying Beahvioral Psychology.

It's been a stressful few days here - they got home last Friday after a week of househunting, having found 2 flats to apply for - there was another in their price range, but it was (to quote Mr20) 'too scungy for words'. Until lunchtime on Monday, they were going to be staying with her uncle, and then the call came - they had a place of their own. All hands on deck!!

We are currently consolidating and loading, and what a job it is! The Mister (who struggles to drive more than 15 minutes) is going to be chauffering a Tarago load of stuff, with Mr14 for company.

Off to offer more muscle - and re-pack the stuff that a cerain he-man Neanderthal is buggering up - he wanted to put a $1000 computer just on the bare base ofhte trailer for a 5 hour trip over shite toads.


  1. I did a big move a few years back, but for work and not uni. It was really confronting to have my life packed into 7 boxes.

  2. Only 7 boxes? You did well.

    Mr20 struggled with that too - he was a bit devastated that his life could be packed into boxes.