Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oops! I did it again...............

......... I bought more op-shop treasures. And badly exceeded my caffiene intake levels for the day.

It really wasn't my fault. Honest. The Mister saw a Rivers ad for cheap slip-on shoes, of the variety he wears. I had a haircut appointment at 8.30 (set before ANYTHING opens for a reason). So my plan was;

Coffee (to go)
Get outta Dodge

That changed rather dramatically. By the time I got to Rivers, found the shoes, picked the least ugly colour (the shoes are NOT attractive), and got through the checkout, it was after 10. So, why not have a quick squizz before heading home.

First stop was the 'posh' op shop. A lot of their clothing is from outlets, if they can't sell it, it comes here. Nothing inspiring. Good start.

Headed to the non-Paris section of down-town, on the hill. A quick look in the window promised no treasures, but still, intrepid shopper I am, I went in. And ended up in the change room with 7 things. Of which I bought 6. For $25.

1 skirt - a light brown, which swirls nicely. I needed another skirt like I need a hole in the head, but it was too awesome to leave.

1 pale blue with white pin stripes zip-up shirt. A blue that doesn't wash me out is always good.

A pair of 'dressy' shorts. I have no idea why - I am not a shorts kind of girl.

A black tunic-type top, makes me look slim. No way in Hell was I leaving THAT!

A grey top with a black bow at the neckline. I didn't think I'd like that on, but took it anyway. And it looked good. So I bought it.

A long-sleeved shirt with black thread sewn through in stripes. Very good fabric, and very me.

I will post pics at some stage, of my hauls - hopefully over the weekend. And then, in a couple of weeks, I hit Hobart! Oh, imagine the treasures I could find there!


  1. I think it's great you are buying things for yourself at last, you deserve it! xxx

  2. Thanks gorgeous! I am getting quite good at it.