Monday, February 15, 2010

Orientation, and *ahem* more shopping............

I had a BLAST at orientation today - the campus is tiny (smaller than even the tiny primary school up the road), has a rural feel (love it) and everyone (staff and students) was friendly and helpful. Fabulous! And there was free beer at the bbq lunch (also free).

I had THE best time (not that you would ever guess). It sounds like I am going to be working hard, but that is good - I certainly don't expect to just cruise on through Uni.

I start classes next Tuesday - I am only doing 2 units this semester, to ease my way in.

So excited!!!

Now, to the elephant in the blog - shopping. I didn't plan it. Not even remotely. I walked from the Uni campus into town, through a beautiful park, and along the ocean. It was hot. By the time I got into town, I was a tad dehydrated, and fried.

The bus-stop was over-run by feral teenagers, so I thought I'd take a quick lap around the block to pass the time. I survived Chemist Warehouse and Priceline without dropping any money - but that is sure to change.

I saw the op shop, thought "Nah!" and was walking past when I spotted someone coming out of a shop further down who I really do not like, and certainly did not want to talk to, and so I ducked through the door.

And then I saw it - a purple shirt. Actually, several purple shirts. All new with the tags still attached, and 1 in my size. So I bought it. I saved $24 on it, original price being $27 (Kmart brand shirt). I was pleased.

And then I got on the bus, and endured an hour of feral teenagers. Which was more than enough penance for falling off the wagon.

Next week, I will do an hour at the Uni gym, as well as endure an hour of feral teens, for the shopping I am going to do before my lecture.

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