Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shed reclaimed, and some fab finds.

The dog and I have reclaimed the shed! It took us 6 long, hot, dusty hours of hefting stuff around, sorting stuff out and tossing it, but we got there in the end.

We found a lot of rubbish - a LOT. Like 3 ute-loads. But we found some treasures too.

Not the least being the gorgeous hand-tooled leather bag that will be winging it's way to Andrea very soon. It was a gift to my Aunty Dawn from my Uncle Tom, back in the early days of their relationship. I wanted it to have a loving home, and as Andrea has amazing vintage style, I hoped she would agree to take it on. And she did. I am very happy, and Dawn and Tom would approve.

I also found some retro sheets - 1 set are truly scary, I cannot get over them, they will be dog bedding. This is them:

And this:

Currently doing time as a tablecloth. I cannot use it as a sheet, but as a tablecloth it rocks.

These bedspreads were mine and my sisters - mine is the aqua one, hers is the yellow.

I am completely in love with this fabric, so pretty.

I have no practical use for it, but I am keeping it - because it is pretty - all 4 pillowcases and 1 sheet of it. I can probably incorporate the pillowcases into my bedroom.

This fabric is amazing quality - the 'weight' of it is incredible. Another one I will be keeping for the pattern.

These curtains are hand made - and old. And the property of Mr20 by his decree. I was going to keep them anyway - and then he claimed them. They need new backing - but being older than I am, that's no surprise. Another amazing piece of fabric - the quality is fantastic! I think of it as fairyland fabric........

This blanket belonged to Aunty Dawn - and now it is Mr20's also. Another "Mum, you are NOT getting rid of that" item. As if I was getting rid of it! Miss18 wasn't so sure, until she felt it, and then she fell in love.

I also 'found' Glossy's stuff from America. I had it in the room I was sleeping in when I got home, and then the Little Family moved out, and it got a bit - lost. I found it today, in the big cupboard cleanout (I got inspired). It was hiding in the linen cupboard. How it got there I do not know, but I have made a deal with myself - it MUST be sent before I go to Uni - poor Glossy has been waiting forever.

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