Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why So Angry?

Is a question I have heard a bit the past week from people who know me outside of this blog, after they read a few posts. And, reading the past weeks posts, I can see why they would ask that.

I am a lot less tolerant than I used to be. My patience is limited.

There are myriad reasons for this, but the main one is that I have changed, since the beginning of the court battle that still threatens to tear my family apart, even though it has now been over for 18 months.

I'm not going to re-hash all of that. If you want to know about it, you can find the original post here. That's not the entire thing by any means (I'd need several blogs to cover it all) but you get the gist.

At my core I am still the same person I was, a bit more battle-scarred, but essentially the same. The shift has come in my point of view - things I once brushed off as irrelevant, or not worth the effort of getting upset over, now have the potential to irk the life out of me.

This shift has come about as a result of all the bulldust involved with that case. I have grown exceedingly intolerant of those who make sweeping generalisations, or assumptions based on the vocal minorities behaviour; as well as those who use others for political gain.

What I really want is those who insist on political correctness at all times to step back Goddammit! In recent years my ancestry has started to mean more to me - I never really bothered announcing it to the world before. I am starting to think doing so was a bad idea, people react so differently, and not in a good way.

That makes me sad and angry. The rhetoric people see in the media colours their perception (and no surprise). I don't care, I really do not, if you refer to Stout as 'black' beer. That's what colour it is. Draught is amber, and Light is pale amber. And if someone else takes offence at that - tell them to mind their own.

And firebreaks - they need to be a good 300-800 metres - not a piddling 50m. A fire isn't going to even pause at that. But because there is an element in our society that places trees above humans, we sit in a tinderbox.

I want recreational fishermen to be able to 'catch and release' mako sharks. Those things are tough. They generally survive being caught and released. Trawlers and drag lines make more of a mess of the shark population than recreational fishermen do. Actually, commercial fishing makes more of a mess in every way. Does anyone want to discuss Japan's 'scientific' whaling, where the 'un-scientific' bits of whale end up on the dinner table at exorbitant prices?

So yeah, that would be my biggest issue with the world at the moment - politicians either hiding their head in the sand (hello Devonport - town of the YouTube video of an organised street brawl - which the Mayor and the local police say isn't indicative of how this place is. Never mind that a local pub shut it's doors early this week to avoid a violent brawl breaking out - a crowd of 20-30 people lurking in the carpark 'hunting'), being a hypocritical power-hungry yes-man (PG, I'm looking at you) or politicians deciding what I want/think/feel, and then using it to present their own point of view. DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I THINK OR FEEL!!! And especially don't decide these things for me, and then tell me that's how it is, especially in the media. Guaranteed to tick me off. And stop sprouting on TV about how wrong this that or the other is, and then turn around and refuse to do anything to change it.

So there you have it, the reasons (or at least some) of why I have been so angry of late. The local paper has been full of stories about how bad this town is becoming, and politicians saying "No it's not."; the Federal Government telling people that they can't catch a fish and then release it, but supporting Japan by their silence, and Aboriginal activists ranting on about how the Anglo population destroyed this that and the other (not saying that it wasn't the case on the mainland, but it certainly wasn't here), and no-one daring to stand up. I did. My letter didn't get printed.

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