Saturday, March 27, 2010

Early Easter

I feel it's time for something a bit lighter than the rest of this week's fare, so here 'tis.

Yesterday , we celebrated Easter. And it was good.

The Little Family came over.  Miss5 is going camping with her paternal grandparents for 2 weeks starting tomorrow, so we wouldn't have gotten to see her at Easter.  The Young Couple aren't likely to make it back, due to financial constraints.

So, TLF, The Mister, Mr14 and I all had Easter yesterday.  We gave the little kids their presents, and I actually cooked a proper meal.  I even made sure I had enough to take the elderly lady across the road a plate.

Kids got:

Melamine cup for winter milo
Her: Lipgloss watch
Him: Truck
Party hats
Stickers by the dozen
Bubble wands
Curly Wurly

Mouse: a ball

Mr14: snack foods and the like - shapes, choclate etc.

Miss and I took the kids to the park, while the boys did boy stuff (aka computer stuff).  I ran, I slid down firemen's poles, I swung, I pushed others on swings, I slippery-slid.  And then we went down onto the beach, where the kids 'paddle' became a full-on dip. I came home in a singlet top, having given my hoodie to K. S got her mum's top. I was wearing teething rusk, sand and woodchips, along with baby slobber. Very attractive ensemble, non?

Brought them home, ran them a bubble bath, fed them,  loaded Mouse into the stroller for a wee walk around the block (where he fell asleep), watched Bolt with K & S, then Mouse was awake, so they all went home.

I was utterly buggered!

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