Saturday, March 13, 2010

To Clarify..............

.........this blog is purely about being self-indulgent. It was never meant to be thought provoking, or about anything that matters.

I started it to help me get through a tough time, and to give me a sounding board for my emotions and reactions as things continued to change.

I whinge and whine and rant from time to time, but that's what this is for. I need a non-judgemental forum to get things out, and this is it. If I am struggling, I blog about it, and then, having gotten it out, I walk off and forget about it. Until I come back, read it and go "Oh crap! Other people occassionally read this."

I am not really sure why I am even putting this up here - maybe because a fair majority of the past few posts have been whiny/ranty.

I strongly suspect that as things here (hopefully) settle down, and get into something that resembles a routine, I will go back to just rambling. And I may also post about the State election. That's in a week, and it scares the bejabbers out of me.

In the interests of helping things settle, I have worked out a plan of sorts;

Weekdays - help The Mister with whatever he is doing - accupoints at present. It keeps him sane, I hate it, but if it helps......

Weekends - Uni work. I cannot do it through the week at present, I am exhausted by 9 a.m. I can't absorb information if I am mentally wiped out.

Weekdays - walk the dog of a morning. Every day, no matter how stressful/exhausting the morning has been.

Get Mr14 into a psychologist or something on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Get Mr14 working - we have his paperwork in, just waiting on the final rigmarole, and he is away.

Go to Uni Tuesdays - I need to do 1 required unit, and this is the day.

Get the first round of hearings for The Psycho Former Neighbour out of the way - that happens Tuesday.

Work out how the Hell we are to survive now I am not working - taking some money out of my Super is the way to go for now. It's not going to be a lot - but I can stretch it out until tax time, and that will ease the pressure a bit.

So yeah, that's the plan for now. I have never been a planner, or a list maker. But for now, I am.