Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lest We Forget

Today marks the 95th anniversary of the Gallipoli Landing.  Not the finest hour of British Military Command.  The first march was held in London in 1916, by Australian and New Zealand military personnel to honour those who lost their lives that Godforsaken beach.  Today, we honour all who died, or lost someone in war.

I have seen a lot of comments and articles of late, 'reminding' us that the day is not so much about remembering the fallen at Gallipoli, that it was started as a way to keep the workers down, and continues as a part of the political propaganda machine.

Now, I am pretty open-minded, I can see most points of view.  This one, however, I cannot.  I would say to those who refute ANZAC Day as a day to mourn and honour those lost in war, sit down with a Digger, hear their story, and then tell me what today is about.

Actually, don't.  Show some respect for those who lost their lives, or a loved one, and keep your thoughts to yourself.

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