Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mind Your Manners.........

This has been irking me for a while - I had a wee bit on, and never got around to posting about it.

So, The Mister and I were in Melbourne for the day - doctor stuff.  His, not mine.  We got to Melbourne incredibly early, as we had NFI where we were going.  We left incredibly late, because, well, with doctors, you never know. I was so buggered, I wasn't even worried about flying - and THAT is a huge deal, especially when you think what I was flying in (REx prop plane).

Anyhoodle, we were on a - tram - I think.  Has to have been, I was a mess.  I hate trams, and being in a crowded one is not good anytime, let alone at present. I'm rambling......

So, we were on this crowded tram. A well-dressed young professional woman came aboard.  A (well dressed, clean cut) young man stood and offered her his seat.  She looked down her nose at him,  (no mean feat, she was shorter than he by a good 4 inches), and then pointedly turned her back.

The man in question was completely unfazed.  I was horrified.  And I think it showed, because, as the man resumed his seat, he looked at me, gave me a half smile, and shrugged.  He offered his seat to another lady at the next stop, she accepted graciously. Miss Rude then tried to make herself physically smaller, to get away from The Well-Mannered Young Man.  By now, I was beyond horrified, and starting to get mad.

We arrived at our stop, The Mister and I, and bundled out of that god-damned rattling deathtrap, along with Miss Rude, and The Well-Mannered Young Man.  Miss Rude instantly got on the (hands-free) phone, and proceeded to loudly abuse The Well-Mannered Young Man to whoever was on the other end (we all got stuck with her at traffic lights - the joy). His crime?  His appearance.  Or more accurately, his (possible) racial background.

I kid you not.  She called this guy names that I haven't heard in a long, long time, and certainly never in the light of day, because he offered her his seat.  How dare he?!  Why would the filthy so-and-so think she would want to sit on a seat that a such-and-such had just sat on?  Colour me shocked.

I apologised to The Well-Mannered Young Man, because I was so embarrassed by Miss Rude's behaviour (The Mister didn't speak, he had steam coming out of his ears).  The WMYM thanked me, and said that he is used to it, it happens all the time.  I didn't know where to look, or what to say...................... I still don't.


  1. That's disgusting. Very nice of you to reassure the WMYM that not everyone is like her. Thank god for that.