Monday, May 24, 2010

As you travel though life, remember..............

Not achieving what you set out to do is not failure. Look at what you have learnt on the road you travelled to get this far.

The road is not always going to be straight. It will fork, twist and turn back on itself.  There will be detours along side roads that seem to go nowhere.  You will eventually find your way back to the highway.

Drinking and driving is stupid.  Don't do it.

The going will not always be smooth.  Nor will it always be in brilliant sunlight.  There will be bad times, and long nights.  You will survive them.

Your goal may not be what you initially thought it was. That is ok, time and distance distort things.

The quickest path is not always the best.

A kind word, or a smile, may be the greatest gift you can give someone. 

Be good to everyone, even those who speak or act harshly towards you.

The long, straight cruisy stretches are more likely to bring you to grief than the mountains.

There is good, and there is evil out there.  You will encounter both.  Acknowledge the one, rejoice in the other, and be wary which you choose.

Crashes are a fact of life. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get on with it. If your vehicle of choice is a write off, walk until you get another.

The hard yards are the most rewarding in the end.

Rash actions are not always wrong actions.  The immediate results may not be the best, but you did it for a reason.  These are the things that teach us who we really are.

If you don't like what you learn about yourself, change it.  You can, you know.

Take the time to look around you.  You are not always going to be young, and the things you disdain now, may be the things that sustain you in old age.

Beauty can hide danger.  Ugliness can hide great beauty.  Treat everyone and everything on their merits, rather than their appearance.

You can't control everything.  Don't waste your energy trying.  Save it for the good stuff.
Sometimes, you will feel the need to rest.  Do so, you have a long way to go.  But don't stop so long that you forget where you were going.
If someone wants to keep you company on your travels, take them up on their offer.  They may cause you joy, they may bring you tears.  Probably both.  Enjoy the times they are with you, because once they go, you will find that it's awfully lonely out there ..................

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  1. This is such a beautiful post, thanks for sharing it xx