Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

The day when we 'celebrate' mums, is this Sunday.  And boy is it big this year.  Not only do we have the usual plethora of big name national sellers telling us what mum would really want, and she could win a holiday to boot, but to save her (and us) the hassle of cooking, we can also buy a box of grease!  From the fast food giant of our choice - burgers or chicken!

WTF?!  Now, I know that Mother's Day is, rather like Father's Day and Valentine's Day, a massive commercial event.  I'm not THAT stupid.  What amazes me is how far in that direction we have gone.

I remember when my kids were little, the joy they took in telling me that they were making me something at school for Mother's Day - and the delight I felt on recieving it.  I got burnt toast in bed, and it was ambrosia.

Now, there is pressure on even the little people to get mum the 'perfect' gift.  For myself, the most perfect gift is one that comes from the heart - even if it's just 'Love you mum'.  I still have the macaroni necklaces, cardboard photo frames, hand painted cushion, painted ceramic plowerpots, and toilet paper insert kaliedoscope from years past, and they still make me smile.

I admit, I buy into it a little, I send my mum and my mother-in-law flowers.  I send mum Singapore orchids, and my MIL roses.  My mum loves Singapore orchids, and my MIL has a special affinity with roses.  But I have been doing this for more than 20 years, and I do other things throughout the year - weed my MIL's garden, took them both to lunch, made Mum a collage of photos of her parents, pruned my MIL's roses, picked the raspberries for a season for Mum.  And I tell them I love them every time I speak to them.  And I tell my mum that I see now why things were the way they were, and that I admire her for sticking it out, on a regular basis.

The gifts that mean the most are the ones that come from the heart; burnt toast in bed made by little hands, a macaroni necklace, a meal cooked at the end of a long arduous day at work - these are the things that show a mother she is loved.  And saying, just once in a while "I love you mum".  Those are the things that make mums feel like they matter.

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  1. Rosie - I love your mother's day comments ! Exactly my thoughts entirely.