Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Study Break Rant...............

.... about things that have ticked me off today.

To Apple; I realise that you are the makers of all things cool.  You are the pinnacle of cool geekdom.  More power to you.  BUT - if I get just one more call from an otherwise intelligent person asking me to help them get music onto their iPod, I am going to smash every Apple appliance I see, and send you the bill for my bail, and legal costs.  I have better things to do than do battle with your user-unfriendly software.  Especially since I don't own anything you have made. I have my reasons.

To local businesses;  12.10 is NOT 12.30.  I am aware that it is cold, wet and yucky, and that you would rather be home in front of the fire - or anywhere but work.  Trust me, I understand.  But I also understand that if your sign says you will close at 12.30, and I rock up at 12.10, to find the doors locked and the lights off, I am not going to be impressed.  If you want customers, you need to provide service.  By all means, leave at noon on Saturday, but let us know, before we arrive to find you closed, and your Hours of Business sign saying 12.30 is closing time.

To Channel 10; for the love of footy, send that female commentator for speech lessons!! I am all for female commentators (why did Kristy Malthouse have to get a life, she was fabulous!), but I want them to speak correctly.  I want all commentators to speak correctly.  I am all for them getting excited, and mising metaphors, that's half the fun.  But I do not want them sounding like the feral bogan across the street. I know this is harsh, especially coming from me, a Master Mangler of the English language.  I am not on TV.  I am not causing people to turn off, or write letters to the newspaper complaining.

And finally, to Collingwood Football Club - WAKE UP!!! You are currently 2 points down against the Brisbane Lions, and I do NOT want to spend this week hearing the lament.  1 week was enough.  Now get on with it!!!  You have 7.5 minutes.

That is all.

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