Sunday, May 23, 2010

Utterly Disgusted

It seems this week was the week when homosexuality once again made headlines in all the wrong ways, for all the wrong reasons.

Now, I could care less if someone is gay.  I don't care, it's their life, and if they engage in sexual acts with consenting adults, that's their business.

First off, we had Jason Akermanis warning gay Aussie Rules players to stay in the closet, as AFL isn't ready for openly gay players.  He has been painted as a homophobe for his remarks.  I found them off-colour, and not quite appropriate, but also, quite true to the culture of AFL.  Rugby has accepted openly gay players, and in that way, it more evolved than AFL.  The AFL is still not there.  I am not referring to individual clubs, or players, but the culture of the game.  I also wonder, if someone other than Aker had said it, would it stink quite so badly?

And then we have David Campbell, NSW frontbencher, who quit after being seen by a media snoop leaving a gay club.  Mr Campbell is married, and his wife is either fighting off or recovering from cancer.  This was enough for one journalist to tell us that while Australians are not overly fussed about our pollies sexual orientation, we do not trust our politicians when they cheat on their spouses, as it makes us wonder about their intent to keep the promises they make to those who elect them.  Excuse me?!

I would like to believe we are that enlightened, but we, or at least some of us - aren't, especially if you are a serving member of a certain political party.  It's ok to go to these places, but you must not know what it is when you walk in the door, and once inside, you must keep your eyes either closed, or focussed on the carpet, so as not to offend your delicate sensibilities.  Follow the leader's example, and remember it's "Do as I say I do, not as others tell you I did."

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