Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Further to that rant..............

I am utterly disgusted with the AFL, and the way it chooses to treat different levels of behavior of it's players.

I've had my say about Jason Akermanis elsewhere.  I don't agree with the way he said what he did, or the forum he used.  But it is 1 man's opinion, and he is entitled to it.  He broke no moral laws, although he did break a club-ordered media ban.  That is for him, and the Bulldogs, to sort out.

And then we have the young Saints, who met a 16 year old at a coaching clinic at her school, met her again after a match in Sydney, had sex with her, and now she is pregnant, possibly to one of them.  And what does the AFL do? Look closely at the case, say 'There's no crime here.  Move on, nothing to see.'

Apparently, the girl told the players she was 18, and attached to the AIS in Canberra.  Somehow, in the eyes of the AFL, this makes the players' conduct acceptable, because nothing happened at the clinic.  The girl is not entirely without blame, and by all accounts, the sex was consensual.

BUT, we have a pregnant 16 year old, who participated in group sex with 2 AFL footballers.  The girl will give birth when she is 17, and will, for the next 18 years at least, be forced to face the stupidity of her actions.  No doubt, she will have moments of great joy, children bring that, but she is a child herself.  And the men (allegedly) responsible for her situation, are being told 'Never mind, just be more careful next time.' Am I the only one who thinks there is something very wrong here?

It would appear that the the AFL are fans of the 1 Rule for You, Another for You, and Yet Another for You.  Ben Cousins was given the boot for bringing the game into disrepute over his drug habit, and hung out to dry.  There are players on the current playing lists, who have returned several positive drug tests, and are protected by the Code of Silence.  Their names are not released, they are not sent to rehab, they are simply warned, and sent on their way.

I love Aussie Rules, I truly do, I think it's the game of champions, but I also think that at some point, the whole damn house of cards is going to come crashing down, and destroy the game, because a few fat cats are too damn scared for their designer suits, and fancy offices, to take a stand and say "Behave."


  1. I love AFL too, doesn't get the coverage it deserves here in NSW though. :( anyway, I really don't know about the Swans situation. Were they on an official Swans trip? were they told not to go out? Didn't they learn ANYTHING from the Matthew Johns debacle of last year?

    I don't know, there's so many variables, so many people that need to start taking responsibility for their actions. The changes need to start from the top, that's the only thing I know.

  2. Rosie - my email address: shewillhave@gmail.com

  3. The boys club is still well alive and kicking. Perhaps it will never change while ever there are females hanging around the sidelines, ill-informed, about the choices they make to have a little *fun* with the boys. It happens in too many societies, the men get their way, the women are left holding the baby. I'm not including any situation where rape has taken place, that is a whole different ballgame altogether, and no pun intended.