Saturday, July 24, 2010

Freezing My Bum Off............

...... here in the 'port.  I have never felt the cold like this.  The few mornings we have had frosts (including the day we got black ice), I have been a happy icicle - that sort of cold I am used to.  This bone-seeping, core-temperature lowering cold, not so much.

Been a few things happen in my world of late;

Mr15 has been diagnosed, and is taking medication, which so far seems to be helping the violent outbursts.

Grumpy is not going to have surgery in the near future - he will need it one day, but if he has it now, it could make the problem worse.

I have become a member of the Dirty Thirty, and I love it!!

I got through Round 1 of Uni - I got a pass, a credit and a distinction.

I am thinking I am crazy for not stopping there - I proved I can do it, why did I decide to keep going?!

Mr25 and Miss24 got engaged - stoked beyond belief.

Had my first ever visit to Lush - with Miss19 - we both fell in love!

We all turned up for court, only to be told to come back again another time.  There was a 'miscommunication'.

I did my tax.  Am now impatiently waiting to hear from the ATO.

I have laybyed myself a gorgeous watch, and a cool digital camera.  Gifts from me, to me.

I have been assessing how to go about knocking over as much as possible of my planned 2nd degree, with units that fit into my majors in my 1st.

And, I have decided I really, really need to get into the Cupboard of Doom, where everything that didn't have a place got stashed when we had a houseful.  Maybe this week.........


  1. Glad to read all of this, except for the court delay.

    Can't wait to see your new watch. I have a bit of a watch fetish...

  2. Sounds like your all nicely under control - yay a good feeling - xxx

  3. Thanks for the great comment on my blog, I'll reply there in a minute, but thought I should check in here first. So Tassy is cold (duh?) , bugger, I'm looking to move somewhere from Sydney, but will miss the weather.

    Whenever I go to Melbourne it's one extreme or the other, maybe I'll just keep travelling. Have you completed one degree? Shit, I didn't. I got halfway, and found I was arguing too much with the Gen X and Y lecturers, especially in the writing courses. I've taken a hiatus.

  4. congrats to mr25 on the engagement!

    sorry ive been a bit slack in visiting/commenting