Wednesday, August 11, 2010


.... in my maudlin mood, to say there has been a breakthrough with Mr15.

Appointment 1 with the psychologist did not go well.  We had a conversation about this, and agreed that if he moved home, he had to not only go see the doc, but be totally honest.  Take whatever meds were prescribed, cut out the violence, clean his room, be civilised etc.

Appointment 2 went much better.  He was brutally honest - his dad and I waited outside, until we were invited in.  The only thing he didn't mention was headaches, he said he hadn't had an increase in them, whe he had - but that wasn't a lie, just something he hadn't considered.

Diagnosis; some form of epilepsy affecting the frontal lobe - causing petit mal seizures.  These seizures come in the form of violent outbursts - accompanied by absences.  So when he says 'No, that didn't happen, I don't remember.' he isn't lying, he genuinely doesn't remember, or only partially remembers - he isn't being a shit, he has no memory.  In other words, when he flies off the handle, and becomes violent, he isn't aware of what he is doing.

Risky behaviour, inability to concentrate, seeming to daydream a lot - all symptoms that we missed, or thought were something else.  For that matter, so did the doctors.

He is on epilepsy medication, and so far, it seems to be working.  He still has days where he is in a mood - but he is a teenager.  Today he was shitty with me, I woke him up to go to the doctor.  A few hours later, he apologised.  He and his dad are getting along much better, there is a lot less tension in the house, and the other day, while grocery shopping, he gave me a dozen different breeds of cheek.  As exhausting as that was, it was also a great feeling.  I missed my boy.

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  1. I'm so pleased you have a diagnosis. I hope he continues to get better. I hope its a sign of better times to come for your family. xx