Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back in Hell........

..........after a glorious 3 days away.  Granted, the weather wsn't fabulous, and our initial hotel sucked to the point where we walked into the room, and walked out again, but the freedom was fabulous!

We caught up with Mr21 and Miss19 - bought me a new digital camera, and The Mister a new 27" monitor.  Visited Lush (oh man!) and Salamanca Market where we had possibly THE best lamb wrap in history. Sunday night on the way back we caught up with TM's mum and her husband for dinner.

We are now paying for 3 days away - Mouse was obviously let run while we were not here - he is impossible to deal with, getting into things he knows damn well are off limits, and which I know for sure he has been into in our absence.

Mr15 and my mother called in today - Mouse loves his uncle.  Mum wants said uncle to attend school at the other end of the state next year - she has 2 hopes.

Cannot wait until I finish my degree (I passed my Semester 2 exams) and we can run away from this place.

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